4 Tips for a Better Las Vegas Night Club Experience

Certain Clubs Offer An Open Bar Or Give Free Drink Tickets

Some nightclubs offer an open bar and provide guests with free drink tickets on nights that are not too busy. Most of these offers are for women though there are other clubs that also hand out drink tickets to men. As an example, when they go on a Wednesday to attend Light Nightclub, men and women alike can get free drink tickets.

However, such perks are only given to guests that go inside the club as part of the guest list. They will not get any drink tickets if they bought a ticket.

Tao and Marquee are two of the few nightclubs that have open bars for women. Tao offers this on Thursdays while Marquee does this on Mondays. However, guests have to be in the club ahead of time since open bars last for only an hour or so. Another club that offers an open bar is Lavo Party Brunch.

Giving A Tip Does Not Let Them Enter The Club Faster

It is better to keep the money. This is not to give a tip but rather disprove the old Vegas myth. According to an old Yelp forum, someone said that he gave the doorman a $20 bill to skip the line. Though it might have worked in the 80s, things are different nowadays.

There is no single doorman who decides whether a guest enters or not. There are 3 separate lines in each nightclub. One is for bottle service, another for guest list and the other for general admission. The bottle service line is for guests who check in when they have table reservation. If an individual is part of the guest list (free entrance), he will be checked in the third line. Those in the general admission line will buy a ticket.

People cannot give a tip to go inside. They just need to pay for a ticket to get in. The following is another helpful tip.

General Admission Is The Best Way to Get Into A Club Fast

Contrary to what others think, general admission lines are often the shortest among the 3 lines to get inside a club. This is since most of the guests inside a Vegas nightclub are part of the guest list. Only a few people buy tickets these days, which makes this line extremely short.

Guests get expedited entry when they have bottle service though they have to wait for an available host before they can get escorted inside. Those who line up for general admission can get inside within 10 to 15 minutes, provided it is not that busy. At times, it can only take 5 minutes.

Having said that, the guest list is still recommended over general admission.The latter can save a number of minutes but they might spend about $20 to $60 in the process. It is better to be patient and wait a little while to get on the guest list and enter for free.

Other Restaurants Let Guests Enter For Free

There are restaurants that have an affiliation with a nightclub. Tao and Hakkasan Nightclubs have restaurants have the same name. It may seem strange, though, that both of them offer Asian cuisines plus on some nights, let their customers get inside the adjacent nightclubs free of charge.

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